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Our Story

We specialize in the creation of beautiful, functional and stimulating interior spaces that enable the progress of people and their neighborhoods.

Determined by Design is a boutique interior design firm based in the vibrant and diverse Anacostia neighborhood of Washington DC. In partnership with development and architecture teams, we provide full-service interior design for multifamily affordable and supportive housing properties, boutique hotels and small businesses located in economically challenged and emerging communities. We are a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) in DC, meeting the certification categories of Local Business Enterprise (LBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Veteran-owned Business Enterprise (VOB), and located within a Development Enterprise Zone (DZE).

We are led by our President, Kia Weatherspoon – a trailblazer for design equality – and our talented team is deliberately modest in size to control design integrity and produce awe-inspiring results for properties that accommodate people who are the most in need.

Kia WeatherspoonPresident

Kia Weatherspoon’s path to interior design was unplanned. After being deployed to the Middle East by the U.S. Air Force shortly after 9-11, her new living space was in a bare space shared by fifteen other women. Kia needed a sanctuary and was desperately lacking privacy and a sense of comfort. So, when military supply issued sheets and miscellaneous items to troops for their tent city living quarters, Kia didn’t put them on her cot so she could sleep comfortably. She took some string, hung it from the top of the tent, and created three sheet walls around her cot. That was the first space Kia created, a space that wasn’t dictated by extravagant finishes and furniture. It was a space that evoked an emotional reaction and a lasting memory. When Kia left the military in 2004, she knew she wanted to create spaces.

After 10 years of diverse design experience in Hospitality, Multi-Family, and High-end Residential markets, Kia founded Determined by Design, a boutique firm specializing in designing and crafting interior stories.  She has a Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Moore College of Art & Design and Corcoran College of Art & Design respectively. Kia believes in service based leadership, demonstrated through active involvement with the American Society of Interior Design (ASID). When summarized by her top five Gallup Strengths, Kia is a futuristic, positive, WOO that is strategic and an activator. She also has a passion for strategic social media development.

Kia Weatherspoon